Friday Evening’s Special Guest

Tom DeLuca came to hypnosis first as a therapist helping over 1500 individuals to stop smoking or lose weight. While receiving his master’s degree in psychology (University of Illinois), he continued to explore how the subconscious mind can either ingrain an individual’s limitations or enhance an individual’s abilities. That model remains at the core of Tom’s work: even in his entertaining corporate hypnotist show.

What sets Tom’s show apart from others is that it gives the audience insight into common traits that we all share. “His approach is to forgo the gimmickry in order to reveal the fun and wonder hidden in the attics of his volunteer’s minds. There are moments of joy and happiness on stage.” –Rolling Stone Magazine. Tom’s performance reveals how powerful people’s imaginations can be— in a joyous and entertaining way!

Interesting thing, timing: While Tom earned his master’s degree in psychology he began to develop a performing career. He crafted his performance technique in front of comedy club audiences at Caroline’s in New York City and The Improv in Los Angeles and went on to become the top campus entertainer, voted so by thousands of colleges and universities across the country.

Tom’s use of gentle humor, interaction, and group creativity effectively heightens the groups’ camaraderie level; and that’s how he continues to fulfill his mission to create a performance with the right balance of entertainment and insight.

And that’s why associations and corporations — Marriott International, Microsoft, American Payroll Association (APA), Nike, AIM/R, Lowes, JP Morgan, Tennessee Bankers Association, International Human Resources Management Association (IHRM), American Express, Ford, Deloitte, Humana, and hundreds more – continue to say that Tom DeLuca has turned hypnosis into an art form.

Tom’s work has been covered by (or he has appeared on): The Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, New York Post, Elle Magazine, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Los Angeles Times, Arizona Republic; Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, PBS, CNN, E!, MTV . . . and dozens more shows and periodicals.

Tom moved from NYC to Orlando for the quality of life…and the weather.