The 2023 leadership summit

A unique opportunity exclusively for Coca-Cola Scholars


Coca-Cola is famous for a secret formula of an original,
uniquely delicious, and refreshing beverage.

There’s also a secret formula behind the success of the Coca-Cola Scholars community.

Somehow, year after year, diverse and distinct young people
with a shared passion for making the world a better place
join a network of leaders, of dreamers and doers,
agents and agitators for positive change.

And, like magic, ideas spark, innovations swirl, and lifelong connections begin.

This September, join us as we gather Coca-Cola Scholars from all 35 classes
at the 2023 Coca-Cola Scholars Leadership Summit.

This special opportunity happens only every five years
and provides a venue for Scholars to learn from each other and relevant experts and
discover ways to make a meaningful impact in their own lives
and the communities in which they serve.

As a 2023 Leadership Summit attendee, you will be:

CONNECTED  |  Meet and network with the “Coca-Cola family,” which includes some of the brightest and most innovative leaders in the country

INSPIRED  |  Experience an opportunity of personal and professional growth and learning (no matter your class or age!)

ENGAGED  |  Discover ways to make a difference in the world and get the tools to make it a reality