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Summit sessions will be linked to one of the themes that new Scholars have explored through the Leadership Development Institute, which welcomes them into the Scholar Network.

Themes include:

EMPATHY  |  We strive to be aware of others’ feelings and circumstances so that we can better understand, influence, and connect meaningfully with them.

VISION  |  We are continuously committed to defining a compelling vision for ourselves and our work.

INSPIRATION  |  We seek to move and inspire ourselves and those around us through our actions, words, and example.



The Art of Listening
Cultivating a healthy and successful emotional culture
Creating a safe space for mental health conversations in the workplace
Building cultures of belonging in professional settings
Being an Authentic, Empathetic, AND Effective Leader
Lessons for effective, successful parenting
Leveraging creativity for business success
Bringing humanity to business
The essentials of financial planning
Disrupting Philanthropy: Designing Your Personal Impact Strategy
Creating well-being experiences for your customers
Cultivating investments for start-ups