2003 Scholar

An Act of Love: Listening to Bridge Differences

Juliana Tafur is an Emmy- nominated TV producer and the creator of the Listen Courageously film and workshop series, which facilitates opportunities for Americans to connect across differences. She’s worked as senior TV producer, director and network executive for Discovery Networks, National Geographic, Facebook Watch, and others, and with known personalities like Gloria Estefan and Mo Amer, on series creating space for healing conversations. Merging her experience as Creative Director / Bridge Builder, and her own Colombian-American identity, she designs immersive experiences that foster connection and deepen empathy. She’s a TEDx Speaker (“Listening Courageously Can Bridge What Divides Us”), an Obama Scholars Program Fellow, and was named by President Obama as a “rising leader, using documentaries and curated workshops” to bridge differences in his keynote “Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm.”