Jared McCluskey founded Foxfire Consulting & Rapid App Development, which focuses on swift go-to-market strategies for startups and new company projects. Leveraging his background in technology and finance, his engagements have ranged from capturing arbitrage opportunities in cryptocurrency markets to payroll application deployments to big data analyses in the legal field, in addition to investing in and contributing to DApps (decentralized applications) in the blockchain ecosystem. Jared volunteers with EthDenver, the United States’ largest Ethereum conference and hackathon, and teaches Full-Stack Software Engineering at the University of Denver as an Adjunct Instructor, focusing on MERN/MEAN technology stacks (MongoDB, Express, React/Angular, & NodeJS). Prior to launching Foxfire, Jared worked at SpaceX serving a dual role in finance and software development, managing purchases for Falcon 9 full-thrust and Falcon Heavy v1 launches. He holds a BBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University.