BuuPass Team 2018


2011 Scholar

Going Beneath the Surface: Harnessing Emotions at Work to Create Connected, Empathetic, High-Performing Teams

Iman is passionate about all things people, leadership, and strategy. Her superpower is unlocking the best in people and teams. As an executive advisor, she helps senior leaders “do by intention, what they’ve always done by intuition” – so that they can be highly effective in life, leadership, and business.

Iman’s on a personal mission to make every person be deeply seen, known, and celebrated for who they truly are. Iman believes that when your people thrive, your business thrives.

A serial entrepreneur since 9 years old, she’s led programs, initiatives, and launched companies in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa for the past 13+ years. As a facilitator, coach, and strategy consultant, she helps organizations strategically optimize their systems, people, culture, and processes to create impactful legacies and scale.

After winning President Clinton’s prestigious $1M Hult Prize, she co-founded and launched BuuPass, an online marketplace for booking bus and train tickets in Kenya. As CMO, she spearheaded partnerships with Safaricom and Kenya Railways, successfully scaling the company to 1M+ new users in under three years.

Her diverse background spans startups, non-profits, tech, marketing, communications, ministry, inner healing, and education. She’s worked with global accelerators, like the Hult Prize, Africa Yes, and TrepCamp – optimizing program design, creating transformative experiences, and facilitating workshops.

Iman is a Google for Entrepreneurs Scholar, has been a keynote speaker in 7+ countries, and featured in Forbes, CNN, and The Washington Post respectively.

She currently serves on the board of Unhindered Ministries and the African-American Alumni Advisory Board at Earlham. She holds a B.A. from Earlham College in Peace & Global Studies and Biology. She resides in ATX. Iman enjoys traveling, hearing people’s stories, portrait photography, adventures, and a good iced matcha.

You can learn more about her at www.imancooper.com or connect with her on LinkedIn. She’s excited to hear your story!