1992 Scholar

The Sweet Spot: Aligning Ambition & Impact

David E. Groom has been a part of the development and production teams for over $10 billion of award winning and cutting edge entertainment around the world. He helped build and run one of the industry’s leading international stereoscopic/3D studios for visual effects and feature films.

David has created, produced, and directed entertainment that has entertained hundreds of millions of people. His talents and experience have been sought out and featured by some of the world’s greatest companies and industry leaders; such as: The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Fortune 500 Companies, television networks and film studios and an international museum.

Groom is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Run, Jump, Fly…, Inc., a creative services enterprise that unites the talents of award winning creative and production teams responsible for some of the world’s most memorable entertainment. David oversees the creative development and production for feature films, television, commercials, music videos, live shows and events. He and his team at Run, Jump, Fly… excel in experiential storytelling by focusing on the message and crafting custom narratives that connect to audiences at personal and memorable levels.

David is also the founder of Your Wise Monkeys, Inc., a new tech platform that utilizes artificial intelligence for contextual voice and transcribed language translation in nearly 100 languages, for both recorded and live content. Your Wise Monkeys was created so non-profit and charitable organizations can share their stories and content around the world at reasonable costs; in addition to providing services at an enterprise level for corporations all the way down to individual user applications.

Challenging traditional ways of creative thinking and leadership, David guides his clients and productions to higher levels of connectedness, communication, creative processing, effective leadership and success. Having spent decades creating award winning entertainment and leading companies to top positions within their industries, David uses his expertise in talent assessment, talent management and leadership to provide creative coaching and strategic leadership training as catalysts for organizational, cultural and industry specific growth and innovation.

A storyteller at heart, producing relevant and inspiring entertainment is a welcome challenge and objective for David as he continually creates and seeks out new stories and projects that he can bring to life and give a voice.