As a child of the Great Recession, Grant Means saw the widespread pain and panic caused by financial uncertainty. This spurred a relentless personal search for the value of a dollar — over time, Grant felt a broader calling to tackle poverty, inequality, and the shrinking middle class in a new, under-addressed way. Kids have a key advantage over their adult counterparts: they are decades younger than the rest of us. If we start now, and diligently empower future generations through intentional environments designed for impactful education, we can help children leverage their time to drastically diminish the shape and stature of poverty.

On his path to becoming an Eagle Scout, Grant gained a love of nature and commitment to help other people at all times. In that light, his lifelong mission is to plant seeds of knowledge that teach others to grow, climb, and soar to greater heights. He founded Start Now Press as a first step on this path, with a relentless focus on improving children’s financial literacy. He is inspired by the vision “That all people are empowered to learn practical wisdom and achieve a better tomorrow.” Grant’s first trilogy, based on the Three Little Pigs, illustrates how Einstein’s “most powerful force in the universe” can enable generosity. In addition, Grant is writing a new series titled Cash Cows.

Grant earned his undergraduate and masters degrees in engineering from Stanford University. He currently resides in Atlanta and can often be found training for his next marathon or working on his golf game.

Grant believes there is a compelling call to action in that Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Each of us has the ability to plant positive seeds. So, go ahead – Start Now!